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Allen Diagnostic Module Manual - Therapists will be able to appraise the usefulness of each of 35 activities by reading the instruction manual. The manual describes standardized procedures for making samples, setting up group and individual sessions, giving instructions, giving prompts or cues, and rating behavior. Also includes score sheets and rating criteria, all contained in a loose-leaf binder that allows you to add pages. Craft materials for each of the 35 activities to be ordered separately.

Aphasia Therapy Workbook V1 & V2 - The two volumes of the Aphasia Therapy series have hundreds of simple reproducible lessons. Most lessons can be completed independently by clients who have limited reading and writing skills. The same activity is presented at numerous levels of difficulty. Volume 1 is a mixture of language tasks including phrase completion, matching words to meaning, rhyming exercises, scrambled sentences, category cross outs, and much more. Volume 2 focuses on helping patients regain skills in spelling, word finding, cognition, and problem solving. It includes crossword-like fill-it-ins, search for words that are often confused or misspelled, letter subtraction, finding words within words, and more. This volume is for clients with mild to moderate brain injuries. Each volume moves from easy to more difficult and has large type. These are great materials to use in the clinic or for home practice.

Boston Diagnostic Aphasia Examination - Stimulus Cards Picture Book, Short Form, 3rd addition - ONLY

Language Activity Resource Manual - Includes an updated collection of objects, photographs, illustrations, and print material for use in language therapy with adults who have moderate to severe language disorders

Swallowing & Oral Images - Swallowing Images 1 covers exercises designed to increase lip closure, anterior, posterior and sublingual tongue strength, lingual sweep and intraoral manipulation. Swallowing Images 2 covers additional strengthening, vocal fold adduction, and laryngeal elevation exercises.

Workbook for Language Skills - The "tan" book is an ideal source for those needing functional, easy-to-read exercises for spelling, writing, word retrieval, and reading comprehension skills. Workbook for Language Skills features relevant exercises and is an ideal source of straightforward drills for the client who needs familiar tasks and structure. Moderate level of difficulty.

Popper Words - Easier Half. Basic Sight Vocabulary.

Popper Words - Harder Half. Basic sight Vcabulary.

Color Cards - "Whats' Wrong"

Color Cards " Everyday Objects"

Advance Descripto- Cards - For Functional Language and Cognition

More Descripto Cards - For adult Aphasia

The Apraxia of Speech Stimulus Library Card Set

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