Dycem - color may vary - Clinical use only (see description)

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  • This roll is very expensive, so even though we send one large roll to keep re-order costs to a minimum, we expect therapists to be very judicious in it's use and for it to last a long time
  • 16" x 10 yd
  • Stabilizes both equipment and limbs during balancing and weight-bearing activities
  • Roll material helps to stabilize hips, feet, head and neck for exercises like pelvic tilts and knee rolls
  • Dycem material is the ideal non-slip material choice for improving grip, providing stability, and enhancing visual cues during everyday activities and exercise
  • Two-sided grip ensures the material itself will not slip along with items placed on the material
  • Flexible material is easy to cut and flex to fit around many objects
  • Reusable, easy-to-clean material is non-toxic, latex-free and antimicrobial
  • Non-slip strips around grab rails or parallel bars for extra grasp. 
  • Non-slip coasters and placemats to hold cutlery in place when clinically indicated (dycem for routine use as a placemat is not appropriate) 
  • For extra grip when performing IADLs such as opening medicine bottles
  • For patients with appropriate w/c positioning needs.


  • Use dycem to keep body parts, such as feet, in place due to skin shearing and pressure concerns.

  • Administer for individual patient use. As with other SYNERTX equipment, items are for training purposes only.

  • Give to patients to take home. Instead, recommend where they can purchase on their own (Amazon.com has many, inexpensive options).

  • Use under every wheelchair cushion. If cushions are lacking ties to hold them in place, discuss with the RC and facility (are new cushions needed? Does the facility need to invest in dycem?)

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